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Existing UnAided Staffs

Mr.K.R.ParameshwaranJunior Asst.
Mr.V.SaravananJunior Asst.
Mr.M.MadeshJunior Asst.
Mrs.Gandhimathi RaviselvanJunior Asst.
Mrs.M.V.LogammalJunior Asst.
Mr.A.MahadevanJunior Asst.
Mr.A.SelvarajaJunior Asst.
Mr.K.S.SundaravadiveluJunior Asst.
Mr.N.Ramesh KumarJunior Asst.
Mr.M.KathiresanJunior Asst.
Mr.A.RamanathanJunior Asst.
Mr.M.MuruganJunior Asst.
Mrs.G.GeethaJunior Asst.
Mr.T.V.MohanaranganJunior Asst.
Mrs.G.ChitraJunior Asst.
Mrs.P.MalarvizhiJunior Asst.
Mr.A.Ashok KumarJunior Asst.
Mr.V.KumaravelSystem Engineer in the category of Junior Asst.
Mr.V.RajeshTechnical Assistant in the category of Junior Asst.
Mr.S.KamarajRecord Clerk(SG)
Mr.D.JanakiramanLaboratory Technician in the category of Laboratory Assistant
Mr.A.G.BabuLaboratory Assistant
Mr.D.RajaramanOffice Assistant (SG)
Mr.K.MuruganOffice Assistant (SG)
Mr.D.PoovarasuOffice Assistant (Hostel)
Mr.P.LakshmananOffice Assistant (Hostel)
Mr.M.KarunanidhiLaboratory Attender
Mr.V.ThirukumaranLaboratory Attender
Mr.C.SaravananLaboratory Attender
Mr.K.ParthasarathyLaboratory Attender


News & Events

• University Examinations commence from 01/04/2016.

• College will observe summer vacation from 01.04.2016 to 15.06.2016. College will re-open on 16.06.2016 for the academic year 2016-2017.
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